Every day we are sold stories. Teams of marketing experts invent an ideal for consumers to buy into. 

Products are designed with built in obsolescence to ensure maximum profitability year on year without a second thought for the people whose loyalty these companies demand. Or for the workers who are treated only as a line on an accountants spreadsheet. 

We are told what is trending and what is fashionable only to create an itch that these companies can scratch. 

I started Yōkai Motorcycle Engineering partly as a response to those ideals which are so damaging not only to individuals, but the custom motorcycle scene as a whole. 

All of my products are of my own design. Of course there have been failures along the way, but each mistake has eventually developed into a unique piece of tooling, a jig, or a new method of working. As such I own all the tooling because I have made it. Therefore no counterfeit copies can ever truly be made. 

Motorcycles are so much more to us all than a form of transport. They represent who we are as individuals, but also unite us as bikers. I respect that and I do not outsource my work for the sake of profitability. Everything you see is made by me, by hand, for us. 

I don't need to sell you a brand story, because as a real biker you will already understand my ethos as an engineer. 

Ride safely...